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Written by Manager on July 26, 2019

It’s not just a jumping good time at Jump N Joy . . .

Here at Jump N Joy we have over 30 trampolines available for you to jump on, including our performance trampoline. But we have so much more to offer you! Here is a rundown of our other activities and games on offer at the park. 

The Air Bag 

Practice your flips and beat the fear by jumping from our 2-metre platform to the big fat comfy Jump N Joy pillow below. It’s not as easy as it looks! 

The Battle Beam 

Sick of Mum and Dad telling you what to do? Well challenge them to a battle on the battle beam, knock them off first to be the champion at home! 

The Climbing Wall 

How long will it take you to get over and back? Can you beat your sibling? With the timing switch you can beat their score but be careful not to fall into the foam pit!

The Log Roll 

Balance, core strength and speed are what you need for this activity. A rolling log over a foam pit of crocodiles (not really crocodiles but there are foam cubes!), can you make it to the other side before you lose your balance and get eaten by the . . . erm fall into the soft ditch! 

The Slam Dunk Lanes 

LeBron who? Get your free throws in every time and slam dunk your way to the NBA! You can get some serious air time on our slam dunk lanes, one low and one high. Show the pros who’s boss. 

The Interactive Light Games 

Have you got reactions as quick as a cat? Well you are going to need it if you play our interactive light games. Challenge your friend and play side by side and whoever loses needs to buy the slushes! 

The Café 

Just in to watch to kids? Or knackered after a full jumping session? Then head on up to our café which has panoramic views of the full trampoline park. On offer is tea, coffee, slush, cakes, toasties, panini’s and the world (well not quite) famous Shakebar! 

As you can see there is so much to do at the Jump N Joy Trampoline park in Tullibody near Stirling, what are you waiting for?


Article written by Manager

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