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Changes ahead!

As of Monday 18th November, we are going to have significant changes to our timetable, ratio rules and some pricing amendments. This blog is to tell you all about these and to thank you for your feedback on these matters as our customers, allowing us to improve our services for you. 

What’s New? 

Quite a lot actually. We will only have 2 main sessions called Junior and Open Jump (before we had Junior, Family and Jump N Play) and the main rules for these sessions are listed below under the subheadings. 

Our park opening times will be changing slightly to: 

Monday to Thursday – 11am until 7pm

Friday – 11am until 8pm

Saturday – 10am until 8pm

Sunday – 9am until 6pm

Last entry to the park will be an hour before closing time and please make sure you arrive at least 20 minutes before your session time to allow for booking in and watching the safety video.

Junior Session 

Our junior sessions will run on a Monday to Friday 11am until 2pm and will be on a ratio of 2 juniors (U5’s) to one adult. We know this has been something that many of our customers have requested, so after a risk assessment, insurance discussions and many other operational and procedural plans we can now offer this service specifically for these sessions. 

In these sessions the juniors will be charged at £4 each and a supervising adult (it will be the adult’s responsibility to supervise their U5 children and not to play) will be £2. For this amazing price you will get unlimited play for 3 hours! Awesome. 

Open Jump Session 

This session is for everyone! The whole family can come and jump together and have a great time at Jump N Joy. The main point to note for this session is that the ratio is still going to be one to one for under 5’s because there are bigger kids playing at the same time and it is down to health and safety.  

Our Open Jump sessions will be charged at a flat rate of £9 for over 5’s, under 5’s will be £5 and the supervising adult for the under 5 will also be £5 for one hour of play. 

Quiet Session

We have always had assisted sessions at Jump N Joy, but we would like to be more inclusive of children and adults with a range of additional needs. Therefore, we have introduced our quiet sessions which will be on a Thursday night between 6pm and 7pm and on a Sunday morning from 9am until 10am. 

During these sessions the music will be turned down very low, our claw and tractor machines will be switched off, we will turn half the lights off and will provide the party room for any customer who requires this on their visit. 

Carers will be allowed on free of charge, but we do require them to show us ID to confirm they are the carer of the individual.  

Customer Feedback 

Here at Jump N Joy we are continually looking at our service and products and listening to our customers and we feel that these significant changes to the timetable will accommodate many more of you. 

If you have any questions or any other feedback, then please get in touch via our digital platforms or talk to the staff when you are visiting us. 

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Spooky Halloween Disco & Craft Sessions this Weekend!

Join us for a spooky weekend of jumping and creative fun! Here at Jump N Joy we have teamed up with the amazing Krafty Kids Alloa to provide some creepy and super fun crafts. 


We have session times from 5pm to 7pm on Friday and Saturday night, all the family can join in (over 5’s and under 5’s but under 5’s must be accompanied by an adult on a 1-2-1 basis) the spooky fun. 

The Spooky Night 

You will arrive and get access straight away to the spooky disco, with creepy tunes, lights out and disco lights on!  Jump and have a joyous time while our staff decide on the “Best Costume” from each session! 


Creepy Crafting! 

Once you are all jumped out, head on up to our café and party room area where the wonderful Marnie from Krafty Kids Alloa will have 4 stations of creepy crafts.  

Halloween Hand & Footprint Art

Ghosts, spiders, monster & bats. These crafts are quick drying and you can take them home at the end of the night. 


Make your Own Halloween Masks & Pumpkin Pictures

You can use materials such as card, tissue/crepe paper, paper plates, pipe cleaners, glitter, googly eyes, pens & pencils. All to take home at the end of the night.


Scary Slime

Make a scary tub of Halloween slime choose from orange, black or green and add some googly eyes to creep out your parents! You will be able to take home your own slime in a tub.


Halloween Biscuits

Biscuits will be decorated using icings, sprinkles and edible decorations. You can either take them home or eat them here! It’s up to you. 


Facebook Competition

Not only will you get a little prize for being the best dressed/best costume but you will be entered into our ultimate Facebook competition to win a £30 Gift Voucher for the park! All you will need to do is get your friends and family to like or react to your picture on our page after the event.

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Here at Jump N Joy we have over 30 trampolines available for you to jump on, including our performance trampoline. But we have so much more to offer you! Here is a rundown of our other activities and games on offer at the park. 

The Air Bag 

Practice your flips and beat the fear by jumping from our 2-metre platform to the big fat comfy Jump N Joy pillow below. It’s not as easy as it looks! 

The Battle Beam 

Sick of Mum and Dad telling you what to do? Well challenge them to a battle on the battle beam, knock them off first to be the champion at home! 

The Climbing Wall 

How long will it take you to get over and back? Can you beat your sibling? With the timing switch you can beat their score but be careful not to fall into the foam pit!

The Log Roll 

Balance, core strength and speed are what you need for this activity. A rolling log over a foam pit of crocodiles (not really crocodiles but there are foam cubes!), can you make it to the other side before you lose your balance and get eaten by the . . . erm fall into the soft ditch! 

The Slam Dunk Lanes 

LeBron who? Get your free throws in every time and slam dunk your way to the NBA! You can get some serious air time on our slam dunk lanes, one low and one high. Show the pros who’s boss. 

The Interactive Light Games 

Have you got reactions as quick as a cat? Well you are going to need it if you play our interactive light games. Challenge your friend and play side by side and whoever loses needs to buy the slushes! 

The Café 

Just in to watch to kids? Or knackered after a full jumping session? Then head on up to our café which has panoramic views of the full trampoline park. On offer is tea, coffee, slush, cakes, toasties, panini’s and the world (well not quite) famous Shakebar! 

As you can see there is so much to do at the Jump N Joy Trampoline park in Tullibody near Stirling, what are you waiting for?


Trampoline Fitness

Gym membership, running, fitness or sports classes and cycling are all great ways to get fit but not necessarily fun. It’s nearly impossible to jump on a trampoline without smiling (we challenge you to try!) and we would love you to come and jump here at Jump N Joy to try trampoline fitness, not only to smile and have fun but to get all the fantastic additional benefits. 

Kids Fitness

It’s not just good for us adults but for the kids too! Any physical activity that keeps them away from their screens, gets them moving and having fun is great! Win win with trampoline fitness. 

5 Reasons for Trampoline Fitness

Without further ado, here are 5 reasons that trampoline fitness is great for your body and mind . . . 

trampoline fitness

It will make you feel good . . . not just because you are having fun but it also releases endorphins (a chemical naturally, released in the brain to reduce pain, that in large amounts can make you feel relaxed or full of energy) in the brain (very scientific!)

It can help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles (both men and women!) which can help control the bladder, stabilize the hip joints and connect to the deep core.  

trampoline fitness

Helps build muscle. Because you need to balance and have a good posture when you are jumping on a trampoline, it makes your body develop your core muscles. The jumping action also builds strong bum (gluteal) muscles, so less squats more jumps! 

Can help you lose weight. Obviously, a healthy diet is key to losing weight, but exercise is also a huge part of it. Click here to read about a Mum who lost 5 stones by jumping on trampolines. 

trampoline fitness

It’s fun. This means you are more likely to keep doing it, you look forward to doing it and you can be the child that you are or the one you once were (for an hour anyway). 

The Results are in . . .

The bottom line is that trampolining is fun AND it’s good for you.

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Rebound Therapy

For my first blog post, I want to let you know how beneficial trampolines are to our health. We probably don't realise that because we are having too much fun jumping around.  *chuckles*

So Joyce, healthy living you say?

Yes indeed my friends! According to NASA, they found that 10 minutes bouncing on a trampoline is a more efficient cardiovascular workout than over 30 minutes of running. Their report states that:

“For similar levels of heart rate and oxygen consumption, the magnitude of the bio-mechanical stimuli is greater with jumping on a trampoline than with running.”

It certainly isn't an "Out of this World" discovery for NASA but for us and our Fit-N-ess buddies especially, we are jumping with joy knowing this. Houston, we certainly don't have a problem. Burning calories is just one of many benefits Trampolines can offer to you as a regular user which brings me to the main topic of this post- Rebound Therapy.

What is Rebound Therapy?

Good question. Rebound Therapy was founded in 1972 by Eddy Anderson which uses trampolines to provide opportunities for movement, therapeutic exercise and recreation for people across the spectrum of special needs. This therapy is more than just for special needs individuals or disability trampolining with the potential benefits being outstanding for anyone such as:



Upon my research of Rebound Therapy i was simply impressed at the level of commitment and effort that has gone in to establishing this Therapy and providing their knowledge and service to people throughout the UK which got me thinking... Maybe i should ask my Jump N Joy family if they are interested in having their very own Rebound Sessions right here in Alloa, Scotland?  Let us know if you are up for a round of Rebound, your girl Joyce can make these things happen ;)... Until next time.


Joyce x



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