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Written by Manager on July 2, 2019

Jumping Healthy!

Trampoline Fitness

Gym membership, running, fitness or sports classes and cycling are all great ways to get fit but not necessarily fun. It’s nearly impossible to jump on a trampoline without smiling (we challenge you to try!) and we would love you to come and jump here at Jump N Joy to try trampoline fitness, not only to smile and have fun but to get all the fantastic additional benefits. 

Kids Fitness

It’s not just good for us adults but for the kids too! Any physical activity that keeps them away from their screens, gets them moving and having fun is great! Win win with trampoline fitness. 

5 Reasons for Trampoline Fitness

Without further ado, here are 5 reasons that trampoline fitness is great for your body and mind . . . 

trampoline fitness

It will make you feel good . . . not just because you are having fun but it also releases endorphins (a chemical naturally, released in the brain to reduce pain, that in large amounts can make you feel relaxed or full of energy) in the brain (very scientific!)

It can help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles (both men and women!) which can help control the bladder, stabilize the hip joints and connect to the deep core.  

trampoline fitness

Helps build muscle. Because you need to balance and have a good posture when you are jumping on a trampoline, it makes your body develop your core muscles. The jumping action also builds strong bum (gluteal) muscles, so less squats more jumps! 

Can help you lose weight. Obviously, a healthy diet is key to losing weight, but exercise is also a huge part of it. Click here to read about a Mum who lost 5 stones by jumping on trampolines. 

trampoline fitness

It’s fun. This means you are more likely to keep doing it, you look forward to doing it and you can be the child that you are or the one you once were (for an hour anyway). 

The Results are in . . .

The bottom line is that trampolining is fun AND it’s good for you.

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Article written by Manager

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