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Our Activities

Main Performance Trampoline

Show off your skills on the trampoline that’s got the whole park’s attention.
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Slam Dunk Lanes

Get ready to make some serious air time just like the basketball pros with some net-rustling slam dunks and free throws. Only 2 jumpers are allowed at any given time.
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Air Bag

Dive onto what feels like a big fluffy cushion. 

Under 5s are not allowed on the airbag
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Battle Beam

Gladiators! Are you ready for the ultimate one on one combat? The first person to knock their opponent off the beam into the foam pit, wins.
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Log Roll

You’ll literally be on a Roll if you make it to the other side of the moving log.
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Interactive Light Games

Test your reactions by touching the pad once it’s lit. The higher you score the more you’ll be able to shine bright on top of our leaderboard
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Traverse Wall Zone

Climb from one side of the wall, hit the switch and get back to where you began before the time runs out… or if you fall into the foam pit.

Speed, Strength and Agility will see you through this challenge.
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Jump N Play Area

The open play area offers over 30 high performance trampolines where you can focus on all the jumps and flips your heart desires
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Bond Street, FK10 2PB Alloa
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