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Assisted Sessions

Sunday evenings between 5pm and 6pm

Able To Enjoy

We have recognised the need for assisted sessions at Jump N Joy for those with additional needs.

Sunday evenings between 5pm and 6pm is when the sessions will be held.

We aim to provide this time in order to create a tranquil environment so everyone feels at ease. There is disabled friendly access outwith and within the building.

Happy and relaxed...

Children and adults with a disability or additional needs can feel relaxed with their carer at hand allowing the individual to develop better control of their motor skills and feel happy during their trampoline session. Lights will be low, music will be quiet and there will be space in the party room for individuals to chill out if needed.
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Carers Assistance

Carers are granted free access into the park as they can provide a helping hand and witness the benefits of our assisted sessions.

Siblings can also take part in the session. However, we may from time to time have to limit the amount of guests onto the park.
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